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Financing a New Alpha Romero is Easier Than You Think

At Bishop Alfa Romeo, located near Hurst, we’ve connected Alfa Romeo owners across Texas with their dream vehicles for years. With the experience we’ve gained by satisfying so many customers, we know we’ll find a great financing package for just about any interested shopper.

We go the extra mile to ensure financing is comfortably within shoppers’ means. The Bishop Alfa Romeo finance department is committed to ensuring you’re happy with the vehicle and your financial arrangement in securing it.

Our finance department is staffed with experienced managers and associates possessing expertise in working with you to find the ideal financing plan. Whether buying or leasing and taking advantage of any offers at our disposal. We aim to ensure you’re as happy with your financing terms as with the Alfa Romeo.


New Alpha Romeo and Pre-Owned Financing

Buying a new or pre-owned Alfa Romeo is a great choice to start a long-term relationship with a luxury, high-end performance vehicle that retains great value over the years. And the Bishop Alfa Romeo financing department stands ready to work with you to determine the best terms to make that happen.
Our finance department is ready to sit down with you and work together to find a loan arrangement that suits your budget, from any up-front payment to monthly figures. Depending on your circumstances, a new or pre-owned vehicle might be the best option, and we’re happy to discuss it with you to reach the right conclusion.

Lease Your New Alfa Romeo

For many of our customers, leasing an Alfa Romeo makes the most sense. You’ll cycle through a newer model every few years, keeping up with the latest advances in Alfa Romeo development and keeping at the head of the curve. And with no money down and lease payments that tend to be lower, leasing gives you a little extra financial wiggle room.

At Bishop Alfa Romeo, we offer attractive leasing terms for a new Alfa Romeo vehicle and get set you up with a new model at a reasonable monthly figure.

New Alfa Romeo Lease Specials

The Bishop Alfa Romeo financing department is constantly working to create new special leasing offers for all our Alfa Romeos. Because we know that every owner’s situation is slightly different, and your ideal offer might differ slightly from the next owner’s. Variety is key, and we want to offer something for everyone.

We rotate our lease specials over time. Take a periodic look at our lease specials, as you may discover that we’re now offering exactly what you’ve been wanting.

Models We Offer Lease Specials On

At Bishop Alfa Romeo, we offer a full suite of Alfa Romeo models, including:

  • Alfa Romeo Guilia luxury sedan
  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio luxury SUV
  • Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio high-performance vehicle
  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio high-performance vehicle

You’ll find lease specials on all these models, meaning you can find the right leasing option no matter which Alfa Romeo you want to drive away with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s better, buying or leasing?

This important choice comes down to your monthly budget and how you expect to use your vehicle. Leasing typically comes with a lower monthly payment than a traditional loan, but there are restrictions on mileage and customization. On the other hand, a loan may be associated with a higher payment but you will be building equity and will spend less over the life of the vehicle.

How long is a typical car loan?

We will work with you to craft the deal that works for your budget. Most loan terms will fall between 48-72 months, with longer financing terms resulting in lower payments.

I’ve had credit issues in the past. Can I get financing?

We’ve worked with countless customers with all kinds of credit to help them discover their financing options.

Can I finance a vehicle without a down payment?

In most cases, we can offer financing with no down payment. We can also roll taxes, registration, and fees into the financing deal if that works best for you.

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At Bishop Alfa Romeo, we look forward to pairing you with the perfect Alfa Romeo for your needs. Our finance center is ready to make that happen within your budget. Apply online for financing eligibility. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the process.

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